Take Control of PlanSwift's Drywall Estimation

More than a planswift plugin

Enrich your takeoffs by calculating + exporting the optimum number of drywall sheets for every wall, floor-by-floor, automatically.

(Even when you've used the linear tool for irregular walls.)

planswift plugin for drywall estimation

How it works

Use Planswift like you normally do

  • Point and click to measure walls, ceilings and partitions.
  • Feel free to use the linear tool to mark any walls and go around corners.
  • Drag and drop assemblies or specify your material for each linear.

Export your Takeoff to TakeOff Expert using Planswift's built-in buttons

  • Your Planswift project contains all the wall heights and wall lengths we need to calculate how many wallboard panels you need to cover each part of each linear.
  • Simply use Planswift's built-in tools to export your project to TakeOff Expert and the software automates the rest.

INSTANTLY receive a nicely formatted wallboard "panel counts needed" report

  • We've turned your 2d linears into 3d walls and calculated the number of wallboard sheets you need per-wall and per-floor.
  • See floor-by-floor how many 12', 10', 9', 8', etc sheets of mold board, fire board, regular drywall (and other types!) you require... formatted in a beautiful, easy-to-handle Excel spreadsheet.
  • Try a live real-time demo

Get individual wall dimensions out of your linear tool, even around corners

Planswift is amazing and it saves you hours every week, but it comes with limitations.

What if you use the linear tool to mark up irregular walls?
Planswift can tell you the total area of that linear, but it can't tell you the dimensions of the individual walls, around corners.

We do the math automatically, to figure out your walls and how many drywall panels will cover them.

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Receive a ready-to-send "drywall delivery location" report in Excel

If you're an estimator, often your clients ask for counts of how many of each type of wallboard need to be budgeted for the project.

Drywall is big and heavy: deliver it to the right location from the get-go

Since drywall is such a hassle to carry, if you could specify exactly how many of each panel should be delivered to each floor, you'd be a hero to the guys doing the heavy lifting.

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What people are saying

Before I was spending an hour or two in Excel at the end of every project, just going through and manually counting up wallboard.

With TakeOff Expert that all gets done automatically.

These guys actually communicated with me to understand what my deliverables look like, so their Excel format in my case was a close match for what I normally send out.

What I also like is that the software counts up wallboard floor by floor, and not only for the largest size board. It tells me how many 8's, how many 9's, etc I need, and it tries to limit how much cutting needs to be done.

The Excel file it gives me is nice enough and accurate enough that I can forward it onto my clients without worrying about it.

takeoff software testimonial
Tom Falkenham, Professional Freelance Estimator

Minimize/optimize the number of wallboard panels to lower project costs

TakeOff Expert is not a Planswift plugin.

It's a professional system that uses advanced algorithms to lower the number of drywall panels you need to order for each wall.

This is a system that makes heavy-duty calculations and instantly outputs those results into beautiful Excel files that you can review, print, and send out.

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Security and peace in mind

We do not store your project data for any length of time.

We are (North American) professionals ourselves, and we're here to support you with rapid replies by email, live chat, and telephone.

Payments are processed by a PCI Level-1 certified processor (that's the highest possible level), and are encrypted by AES-256 SSL.

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Drywall estimation with Planswift should be accurate + instant.

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